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Dappled Spots

A Touch of Green

African Garden Jewel

Base of Baobab

Dust and Stripes

Zebra Dawn - Sold

A Touch of Red

Blue Headed Cordon Bleu Finch

Saddle Billed Stork Study

Flight - Sold

Looking For Tomorrow - Sold

Surveying His Domain - Sold

Flight of the Cranes - Sold

Red Ledges Bull - Sold

Crowned Flight - Sold

Resting Rock - Sold

Eye on the Target - Sold


Red Rocks and Pronghorn - Sold

Owl at Upper Missouri Breaks - Sold

Tree Hugger

A Touch of Cinnamon - Sold

Roller Rest

Wren Moment - Sold

Country Western Song

Magpie and Old Homestead

Striking a Pose

Cougar Portrait

Bee Eater Pause - Sold

Roller Study II


Chaos - Sold

Eyes on You

Chippy - Sold

Window to the Soul

Foal Morning

Wistful Gaze

Bit of Sun

Room with a View - Sold

Into the Light

Sun Seeker

The Last Embrace 

Sundowners - Sold

Moru Monarch - Sold

Focused - Sold

African Rainforest Rest - Sold

The Gift - Sold

Texas Trophy - Sold

Gray Headed Kingfisher Study - Sold

Lilac Breasted Roller Study - Sold

Little Jewel - Sold

Desert Denizen - Sold

Looking to Tomorrow - Sold 

Bluebird Morning - Sold 

Kingfisher Falls - Sold

Along the Rail - Sold

Early Bird Gets the Worm - Sold 

Quail Movin' Through - Sold

Wren and Blossom - Sold

Turnabout Fair Play - Sold 

Quick Pause - Sold 

Resting Up - Sold 

Preening - Sold 

At the Water Hole - Sold

High Point View - Sold 

Child's Play  - Sold

Candelabra Refuge - Sold 

Anna's in the Morning - Sold 

Feline Recline - Sold 

Summer Reds and Greens - Sold 

They Make 'Em Big in Texas - Sold

Jan's originals are usually acrylic on canvas, but may be acrylic on panel.

They come framed with high end and custom made original frames. If you want to know how a particular piece is framed exactly, please contact the artist for further information.

Colors may vary slightly from what is shown in these images, and details may be more sharp in the originals. We can send any original on approval with a credit card.

Commissions are accepted on wildlife subjects only (no people or pets). Discussions between the artist and client will determine subject, time of year, size, etc. Jan will use any photos the client would like to supply, but will also draw upon her own expertise and experiences. Please call for further information and references.




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