"Casual Conversations in Jan's Online Studio"

Join Jan in her home as she shares what she has learned in her over 37 years of painting professionally. She feels that at this stage of her career she wants to spend more time on conservation and also in sharing some of her knowledge about art with others.

She doesn’t think of herself as a teacher - rather - as a “sharer”. Her new online tutorials will be done in a casual setting in her “online studio” - as she shows techniques she uses in her paintings to create the realistic organic look of textures and light that she is known for. She will talk during her paintings - about the techniques, brushes etc. - but also entertain you with her thoughts, experiences, even interesting stories from her research trips all over North America and Africa.



Would you like to pick Jan’s brain? Well you can!! We are offering hour long sessions via
phone where you can email Jan images of your work for critiques - or -
just ask for advice on things like pricing, marketing, framing - whatever you would like!
Cost : $69.95 - 1 hour minimum
“Packages” available for multiple sessions - ask for a quote.

We will be offering several mentorship packages. Details are still being worked out
at this time. Email if you are interested.

Contact us directly for above programs by emailing us

For all of the video’s visit our page on Teachable’s.com
*Some videos available now - others will be added shortly


“There are a lot of painters out there but only a tiny percent of those that I would call a true artist.  Jan Martin McGuire is one of the few.  She is truly an artist for two reasons.  The obvious one is that she has the necessary skills and talents, but the most important reason is that she paints that which is important in her life.  Too much so-called art is a bunch of interior decorating.  Jan’s work comes from her heart.  A big piece of her heart belongs in Africa.  I could say this about myself, having been there over a dozen times.  But Jan’s work leaves me in awe.  Many of her African paintings are truly stunning in their drama." ~ Robert Bateman from the foreward to Jan’s book - JOURNEY WITH JAN

“This spring, my wife and I participated in a week long art workshop taught by our favorite wildlife artist, Jan Martin McGuire.  Normally, if I pick up one or two new ideas or techniques at a seminar, I call it a success.  With Jan, her mix of lecture, demo, paint along, humor, critiques, etc. provided a non-stop supply of tips and tricks to improve our art. We hope to get the opportunity to study under her at a future class, and look forward to her new video “sharing” tutorials!”
~Don and Lynda

"I took a workshop with Jan Martin McGuire in Kerrville. Jan is an outstanding teacher who is completely sharing of all the techniques,composition philosophy, marketing ideas,and artistic approach she uses for her beautiful work.You leave her workshop having been given a piece of her artistic soul."
Steve Boster MD


"Jan Martin McGuire is not only an extraordinary artist but also an exceptional teacher. The  technics she uses in her paintings enable her to seamlessly integrate her subjects into their surroundings in a way that looks natural and yet artistic. Having taken a number of her workshops I would highly recommend her classes to any artist who would like to excel as a wildlife artist.” ~ D. SINDT

The workshop I took with Jan was jam-packed with information that is critical to every artist's success. She covered not only technique and composition but common mistakes that can ruin a painting. All delivered with a personal touch and examples from her own stunning work.
-  C.S.

"As a graphite artist trying to learn a new medium, Jan's class was a complete eye opener.  I was able to learn color and painting techniques that would have taken years to figure out on my own and has opened an entire new world of art to me!"
~Gayla Salvati



This is in no way meant as a supply list you must buy. These
are just what Jan uses. After you watch a few videos and decide
you want to try everything - then here is the list of what she uses.

CHROMACOLOUR is the brand of acrylics that I use. They are suspended in a resin rather than polymer (plastic). They have all the same properties of being water based when wet and permanent when they dry - however they have a much more velvety appearance in my opinion - more like a gouache. They are made in England. There was a split up of the company, and for the last year I decided not to use them, because there was a problem getting them. I started using Golden's but discovered I was literally struggling to try to get the same look; the colors were all wrong, and it was extremely frustrating. Things settled down at Chromacolour, and they now have a new owner. I am VERY happy to be able to use them again. These are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. These sets are what they call "pots" (liquid) 50 ml.

We will be carrying my full palette, so that you can buy directly from us and not have to order from England. We will only have a small amount at first but hope to work up to more as we go along.

THE PRICE IS $160 plus shipping


  • Burnt Umber
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Payne's Gray
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Creulean Blue
  • Pthalo Blue
  • Pthalo Green
  • Hookers Green Hue
  • Chromium Green Oxide
  • Linden
  • Charteuse
  • Alizaran Crimson
  • Magenta Md.
  • Chroma Orange
  • Cad Red Med
  • Cad Yellow Md
  • Naples yellow
  • Naples yellow
  • Dioxazine Purple
  • Raw Sienna
    White Paint -
    You notice this is not included in Jan's Full Palette. While Chromacolour does make a nice white, I use a lot - so I use


Purdee 3" (Loews or similar)

Loew Cornell 7020 SERIES (available online - Dick Blick)
Suggest one of each #4, #6, #12

Da Vinci Cosmotop Spin Quill (Dick Blick)
Squirrel Classic Mop (Richeson)
Black Gold (Dick Blick)
anything from 8" - 10"

Prefer Loew Cornell 7120 but hard to find. Jerry's Art O'Rama has one size
Or others such as:
Langnickle or Silver Brands
approximately 1" and 1/2"

Any Brand
1" and 1/4"

I use to use very smooth untempered masonite. This, Clayboard, Bristol Board (paper) that you prefer.

However I now use:
(I get at Dick Blick)
Comes pre stretched, on boards, in a pad or by the roll. I buy the roll and stretch myself. It is already gessoed with the specific gesso formulated to work with water based media.

Sea Sponges (assorted sizes and textures)
Foam Sponge (like found in seat cushions, cut to hand size)
Flat Birdseye Diapers (for paint rags. I order from Amazon)
Old Toothbrush
Cellophane Wrap
Masterson Stay Wet Pallette
Water container
Saral Artist Transfer Paper (white and graphite)
Mechanical Pencil .05
Fine point Sharpies in assorted colors
Masking tape
Windsor Newton Masking Fluid (rarely use)

I sit to paint. You can use whatever you are comfortable with. In my "regular" studio I use a drafting table, in my online tutorial studio I use a heavy duty easel.

COMPUTER with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
I use to compose my paintings. There will be a tutorial offered on it.

Jan can be reached at:
fine Wildlife art and photography
436 S. Cottonwood Ln. Bartlesville, Ok. 74003
918-336-9021 phone 918-336-9022 fax

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